NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-12-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

What started 64 Mondays ago continues today. Make that 65 Mondays in a row!

I pulled out 65A ___ network: NEURAL because I’m a big fan of Janelle Shane‘s AI Weirdness blog. The bizarre things her neural network comes up with has put me in tears on numerous occasions.

Also Tesla is ready for fully self-driving with good decisions. Except that it isn’t fully self-driving.

And as far as good decisions go?

I’m happy that there was a good theme on a Monday.

17A Song lyric before “short and stout”: I(MALI)TTLETEAPOT.
26A Attorney general under George W. Bush: ALBER(TOGO)NZALES. There’s a reason it was so easy for me to come up with Alberto Gonzales, and that reason is Harry Shearer.

I used to listen to Le Show on the regular, and it’s weird for me to realize right this moment that I haven’t heard an episode in almost a decade. Yikes.
43A Appeasing, idiomatically: THROWIN(GABON)ETO. Also a lyric from the above song.
56A Grilled Japanese dish on skewers: CHICKENYAKITORI.

62A Where this puzzle’s circled letters can be found: AFRICA.

Finished this one in 6:21.

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