NYT Spelling Bee 7-20-21 final

So the Wall Street Journal sent out a disappointing headline.

Why they couldn’t use the any of the following terms: Uighur, Uyghur, genocide, ethnic cleansing, slave, slavery is beyond me. Also the focus should be on the kidnappings, reeducation programs, brainwashing, etc. I remember I first hear of the Uyghur people when I was in my hotel room in Port Ellen, Islay, Scotland. It was heavy news to hear straight from a distillery, but that was two years ago.

Yesterday I missed only three words FIFING, WIGGLING, and WOOING.

Meatier Misses

None. I could have gotten them all.

Today’s summary

Final score: 17 words for 78 points.
Genius minimum: 77 points.
First word: PIRACY.
Pangram: PRIVACY.

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