NYT Spelling Bee 7-22-21 final

I did not get the pangram today. I could not find it. Very frustrating. I got two-and-a-half-score words, and no pangram.

Yesterday I missed LOLLIPOP, LOLLOP, and POLO.

Meatier Misses

PULI: A sheepdog of a black, gray, or white breed with a long thick coat.

“It can take THREE DAYS for all the cords to dry.” OMG.

PURL: Denoting or relating to a knitting stitch made by putting the needle through the front of the stitch from right to left.
RILL: A small stream.

Today’s summary

Letters: LACINPT
Final score: 50 words for 201 points.
Genius minimum: 197 points.
First word: CALLA.
Pangram: ???????????????

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