NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-23-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 2D Kind of treatment: ROYAL because that was holding me up from getting this pule done many minutes faster. For a long time, I’d had LOCAL in there instead. It made sense, I guess. LOCAL anesthetic, LOCAL bus, LOCAL dessert. But it was ROYAL instead. That let me knock out 17A Revelation: EYEOPENER and 4D Solid: STOUT.

No theme today, which is kind of a shame after some decent ones recently.

44A Spot of coffee?: BREAKROOM was a meh answer. I get the pun, but I don’t particularly like it.

I learned a little bit about geography with 41A Tasmania’s capital: HOBART.

64A Attraction at a water park: LAZYRIVER. I think the slides are far superior to the lazy river. I wouldn’t go to a water park to seek out the lazy river. But maybe I’m spoiled living walking distance from the ocean.

Finished this one in 33:30.

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