NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-28-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 14A Cookie that has been deemed kosher since 1997: OREO because I remember when this happened. I’d grown up eating Hydrox, the cookie that Oreo copied and that helped nationally recognized kosher symbols rise to prominence. But even after they’d stopped using lard or whatever was making it not kosher in their ingredients, I didn’t eat oreos for months, lest the ones in front of me were from the old pre-kosher run. Now I keep oreos in the freezer because they’re way better frozen. Also freezing the cookies fixes the staleness that seems to plague some sleeves in the Costco boxes.

This puzzle’s theme made a splash.

17A Porky’s significant other: PETUNIAPIG -> PE[T]UN[I][A][P]IG -> TNIAP | PAINT.
11D Somewhat: UPTOAPOINT -> U[P]TO[A]PO[I][N][T] -> PAINT.
29D Where you might find love away from home?: TENNISCAMP -> [T]E[N]N[I]SC[A]M[P] -> TNIAP | PAINT.
61A _ station, Central London railway terminal: PADDINGTON -> [P][A]DD[I][N]G[T]ON -> PAINT.

53A With 21-Across, artist known to 39-Across pigments back and forth onto canvases: JACKSON POLLOCK.

39A Make art like 53-/21-Across (as suggested by this puzzle’s circled letters?): DRIBBLE.

Finished this one in 29:35.

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