NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-30-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 64A Nothing to write home about: SOSO because it’s a bad answer for this puzzle. 28D “That seems likely”: IIMAGINESO means that SO and SO don’t just appear twice as answers but intersect. So? Well, SOSOSO. But it gets worse! 16D So: ERGO. These aren’t theme answers. They’re sloppy. How sloppy? SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO sloppy.

There were long answers, but there was no theme. That’s SO Friday. Thanks, Will Shortz!

1A Peak climbed in the 2018 Oscar-winning documentary “Free Solo”: ELCAPITAN.
14A Catholic university outside Philadelphia: VILLANOVA. Now I know where Nova is!
17A Cheating sort: ADULTERER.
20A Cozy seating for outdoor reading: PORCHSWING.
31A Last straw on “Family Feud”: THIRDSTRIKE.
42A Southern cocktail made with crème de menthe, crème de cacao and cream: GRASSHOPPER. Also someone who buys French fats?
52A Result of multiple paper cuts?: FINALDRAFT. What must this puzzle have been before?
60A Translation of some loud yawns: INEEDANAP.
63A Not last: COMEANDGO.
65A “Wait, just listen”: HEARMEOUT.
9D Unit for several detectives on “The Wire”: NARCOTICS. I had tried MAJORCRIMES. Didn’t fit. HOMICIDE? Too short. VICE? PROPERTY? MARINEUNIT? EVIDENCE?
12D It’s found around a crime scene: POLICETAPE. I had EVIDENCE? CLUES? FINGERPRINTS?
33D Response to unfair criticism: THATSRICH. Initially I had put THATS(T/R)ASH because I thought it might be one of those puzzles. Nope! Just a SOSOSOSOSO one.

Finished this one in 30:42.

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