NYT Spelling Bee 8-3-21 final

I’m on a 301-day streak posting on WordPress. This will make 753 posts on my blog. I’m as surprised as anybody that I’ve been able to do that and that anybody reads it. So thank you, reader, for taking a look at what I do.


Meatier Misses

LIVABILITY: Fitness (of a place) to live in. I know this word, but I never would have gotten it, as evidenced by me not having gotten it.
BLAT: Make a bleating sound. Never in my life have I heard this.
LABILITY: Of or characterized by emotions that are easily aroused or freely expressed, and that tend to alter quickly and spontaneously; emotionally unstable.
TABLA: A pair of small hand drums attached together, used in Indian music; one is slightly larger than the other and is played using pressure from the heel of the hand to vary the pitch.

Today’s summary

Letters: FAIMNRY
Final score: 18 words for 82 points.
Genius minimum: 75 points
First word: RAMIFY.

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