NYT Crossword Puzzle 8-5-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 8D City sieged by Joan of Arc: ORLEANS because I’d initially put ORLANDO and figured maybe it’s like how there’s a city in England that’s been Boston since the 15th century (clearly a retcon), even though the real Boston was founded in the 17th century. About 10 minutes after I had solidified ORLANDO as the only reasonable answer [HEY HERE’S A SPOILER, SO I’M MAKING THE TEXT WHITE SO YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT IT AND SEE IT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO] remembering this past Sunday’s puzzle clue 50D Magic can be seen here [spoiler link], I realized that it was more likely to be ORLEANS because French. You know, like New Orleans but older and in a different country.

The theme of this puzzle was pretty good!

7D Hybrid creature of myth: MERMAID.

17A After the top half of a 7-Down, sophisticated lady: OFTHEWORLD. The upper part of a mermaid (woman) + the answer to this clue (of the world). Woman of the world.
30A Before the bottom half of a 7-Down, tipple and then some: DRINKLIKEA. Tipple (drink alcohol) and then some (drink a lot of alcohol). So drink like a + bottom half a mermaid (fish). Drink like a fish.

42D Hybrid creature of myth: CENTAUR.

45A After the top half of a 42-Down, circles around the block?: HOLECOVERS. Top half of centaur (man) + circles you see while walking around blocks (__hole covers). Manhole covers.
58A Before the bottom half of a 42-Down, keeps arguing after something has been decided: BEATSADEAD. Keeps arguing (beats a dead____) + the bottom half of a centaur (horse). Beats a dead horse.

Finished this one in 27:52.

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