NYT Spelling Bee 8-7-21 final

Just one week from tomorrow. It’s so soon and not soon enough. Calah keeps talking about how we should go to Hawaii, though that’s probably because I taunt her with how I went to Hawaii a few times, even though the last time I went was in high school. She’s not yet been, she says. And that goes to today’s Spelling Bee where ALOHA was acceptable, but MAHALO wasn’t.

Yesterday I missed BILL, BLOB, BLOG(!!!!!), BRIM, BRIO, GLOB, LIMB, and LIMBO.

Meatier Misses

I should have nailed QUEEN BEE.

Today’s summary

Letters: OAHLM
Final score: 33 words for 103 points.
Genius minimum: 99 points.
First word: MORON.

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