NYT Crossword Puzzle 8-16-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 55D Jacket fastener that’s not a button: SNAP because those can be amazing. I wish I had those on my kittel–the white robe used in some Jewish holidays. Also worn by grooms on their wedding days, as I experienced just yesterday. NBD. The kittel that my wife, Calah, had gotten for me has the buttons on the wrong side. It was the first time that I’d attempted to fasten wrong-side buttons. It was mess. Much respect, women out there.

There was a Monday theme!

16A Universal code of ethics: NATURALLAW.
30A Quick-minded sort: SHARPCOOKIE.
45A One who says that you’re not on the ball?: FLATEARTHER.

63A Speaking of which … or where the starts of 16-, 30- and 45-Across can be found?: ONTHATNOTE.

16A A natural note is a note that isn’t altered in any way by a flat or sharp.

30A Sharp: A note that is half a step up.
45A Flat: A note that is half a step down.

Finished this one in 6:52.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

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