NYT Crossword Puzzle 8-27-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 16A Greek goddess who could turn water into wine: OENO because the word just means wine. Apparently Oeno was one of three daughters of Anius know was the Oenoetropae. Etymology: oeno (wine) tropae (turning). I really had hoped that story would be better, but I found it to be disappointing.

No theme for Friday, but the long answers were really simple to get.

17A Stargazer’s need: CLEARSKIES. Don’t fence me in.
25A What can follow “+/-“: MARGINOFERROR. So much for teaching tolerance.
41A “As long as we’re on the subject …”: BEFOREIFORGET. Rarely have I heard this used when something is on topic. Usually it’s something random that will go away for forever if not mentioned right then.
53A “Hmm … really?”: OHISTHATSO. Yes, it is.

Finished this one in 18:33.

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