NYT Crossword Puzzle 9-4-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 22A Govt. plant inspector: OSHA because I had put USDA there. For a couple years I was on an audit client in El Segundo. Not far from that client was a US Department of Agriculture Plant Inspection Station & Animal Import Center. I’m not saying the clue is wrong because they’re talking plant like concern, but I always kinda hoped to see some lions or whatever being brought to that office while I was on an afternoon walk. I started going on those walks when my pants stopped fitting due to the long days, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise. I never saw lions there, but I did lose some weight.

No theme this puzzle. But it was obscure in a not-fun way. I guessed a lot of this puzzle, and things fit. Not the most fun. The NYTXW has been overall disappointing as of late.

Finished this one in 30:12.

DayThis WkBestAverage4-Wk AvgStreak

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