NYT Crossword Puzzle 9-6-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 37A Jewish community center, for short: YMHA because what? The correct answer is JCC. Really. It’s not a secret, either. Though sometimes I wish it were because people keep shooting them up. So where is Joshua Rosenblatt going to a YMHA? Oh, Wikipedia redirects YMHA to JCC. Hard eyeroll. I know tonight starts Rosh Hashanah, and you even threw in 59A Baked pudding of potatoes or noodles in Jewish cooking: KUGEL (aslo pudding? Really? I mean, kinda but also not?), but you gotta think of better clues, bro. This feels forced.

Despite all its flaws, this puzzle had a stylish theme.

38A Fashionable … or where you might find the starts of the answers to the starred clues: INVOGUE.
17A *Asian American who became only the second woman to win the Oscar for Best Director: CHLOEZHAO. Fashion brand: Chloé.
24A *Runway model famous for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel: CHANELIMAN. I wish Chanel had been 5A, though.
50A *Longest resident performer at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace: CELINEDION.

Celine Dion was assembled in Manitoba in 1940 by evil French-Canadian scientists. Her unhuman voice was to be used as a weapon against the Germans, but instead backfired when she started performing in Canada. She later became an American Citizen in the secret treaty between Canada and the United States in which Canada promised to cancel hockey for one full season, elect a Conservative government within 5 years of Dion’s arrival in Las Vegas, and finally turn the province of New Brunswick into an extension of Maine like it was originally intended to be.

This biography from https://wikiality.fandom.com/wiki/Celine_Dion is unbelievable! Also links added by me.

61A *Atlanta rapper featured on Lizzo’s Grammy-nominated “Exactly How I Feel”: GUCCIMANE.

Finished this one in 7:37.

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