NYT Crossword Puzzle 9-11-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 46A Home of the only world capital to border two other countries: SLOVAKIA because I’d put in DJIBOUTI initially (hoping it was right and half-expecting to boast about it being so), and I was surprised when it was a place in Europe.

It turns out that the bottom part of Bratislava is on the Hungarian border, and the left side is on the Austrian border.

Theme? Puns?

1A Cause for alarm?: BURGLAR. Be careful out there!
15A Work on some issues together?: COEDIT. Co-edit.
20A Old-fashioned endings?: DEES. Because both parts end in the letter D.
33D One who puts down a few chips?: SNACKER. Who has just a few?
40D Puts down a few chips, maybe: BETS. Let’s go, $MMAT!

Finished this one in 30:47.

Day This Wk Best Average 4-Wk Avg Streak Monday 7:37 3:49 9:26 7:25 73 Tuesday 5:22 13:21 10:18 0 Wednesday 10:53 7:38 17:12 11:00 14 Thursday 12:12 28:49 25:08 0 Friday 18:20 16:23 33:24 25:04 14 Saturday 30:47 27:43 34:03 30:50 14 Sunday 15:11 54:58 44:30 0

Still table issues.

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