NYT Crossword Puzzle 9-22-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 1A Indian wedding garb: SARI because I don’t know that that’s specifically just for weddings. I feel like it’s not. I mean how could I contest Grant Boroughs and infallible editor Will Shortz with such a fashion question, right?


17A Much of Roy Lichtenstein’s work?: DOTCOMICS. You know, because Roy Lichtenstein spent much of his time on the internet with his quasi-pointillism(?) art.

From American Suburb X

28A Euclid’s “Elements,” Descartes’s “La Géométrie,” etc.?: MATHCLASSICS. Because they’re classics, and it’s math. And MATH CLASS.
38A Wacky shenanigans of a woodworker?: CAPENTERANTICS. First of all, woodworking and carpentry are different. Those who read my weekly woodworking blog know that I’m not writing about putting up frames for houses; rather, I’m writing about finer projects. I don’t know why the NYT is insistent on exposing how unsophisticated the crossword writers are. Just help them out, you know? Or maybe Will Shortz is just slipping and can’t edit a puzzle worth a damn anymore. But, yeah, carpenter ants. Antics. Whatevz.
46A Frights upon waking up from sunbathing naps?: FRYINGPANICS. Ugh. I mean I get that it’s a panic because did I get sunburned? But also it’s not a panic because you did. Grab the aloe. Drink water. And frying pan. Meh.
64A Things that dad likes to discuss?: POPTOPICS. Lazy.

Finished this one in 8:51.

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