NYT Crossword Puzzle 9-27-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 15A One of 10 on a ten-speed: GEAR because it’s not true. This is about combinations of gears. A 10sp bike normally has two chainrings (gears near the pedals) and five cogs in the back. Gear 1 in the front can connect to gears 1-5 in the back, and gear 2 in the front can connect to gears 1-5 in the back, so that’s 10 speeds. Another way to do 10 speeds is to have a single gear in the front and then 10 gears in the back. But if you do that, it’s 11 gears total. Now, there are bikes that have fewer than the number of combinations possible. Like a 30sp mountain bike may have a 22-tooth chainring, a 33-tooth chainring, and a 44-tooth chainring. In the back, it could have an 12-tooth cog and a 24-tooth cog, among others. The 44, 24 combination is the same speed as the 22, 12 combination. This may not necessarily matter in practice, but it still means that the clue is garbanzo beans.

A theme for Monday!

17A Olympic event for which the world record stands at a little over 20 feet: POLEVAULT. This is a very impressive sport to watch live. The craziest moments are when the pole snaps.

23A Magic duo with a 20+ year act in Las Vegas: PENNANDTELLER. Amazing magicians. I saw them in London years ago.
37A “Spring forward” and “fall back” plan: DAYLIGHTSAVINGS. Years ago we voted to allow the state legislature to make it always daylight savings for California. I don’t know what’s become of that other than it not happening yet.
50A Added cost of buying soda: BOTTLEDEPOSIT. In California, CRV isn’t a deposit. Normally, you give a deposit with a recyclable container and get it back if you turn it in. In California, it isn’t that way. If you pay 10c, you might get 5c back. Maybe. But you have to go to a recycling center, and those are generally mad sketch. Adnd then they do it by weight instead of by quantity.

61A Guaranteed … or where you can find the ends of 17-, 23-, 37- and 50-Across: INTHEBANK. Vault, teller, savings, deposit. All bank terms.

Finished this one in 6:08.

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