NYT Crossword Puzzle 10-3-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 25D Generational divide: AGEGAP because it reminds me of a show that had been on Netflix: Age Gap Love. If you didn’t watch it, here’s a little bit:

At the time it was on Netflix, I told a coworker about it. She pulled Netflix up on her computer, and I guided her to the show. She didn’t care for it and didn’t want it in her Continue Watching section. She then errantly continued to take my advice and advanced to the end of each episode with the logic that Netflix would no longer remind her of all the wrinkly people. However, she really just told Netflix that she went through the series very quickly and wanted lots of content similar to the show she had just devoured.

The title of this puzzle is Snoozefest. Lots of Z’s. How hard could it be? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

18A Harriet’s partner on 1950s-’60s TV: OZZIE.
22A Inaptly named bear of a tongue twister: FUZZYWUZZY.

28A Winter weather hazard: FREEZINGDRIZZLE. That sounds horrible.
37A Get closer and closer: ZEROIN. A sugar-fee drug!
42A Transfixed: AGAZE.
45A Ostentatious display: RAZZLEDAZZLE.
63A Final creature encountered in “Dr. Seuss’s ABC”: ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ.
85A Sportscaster Jim with the classic opening “Hello, friends”: NANTZ.
86A Opportunities to win a vacation on “Wheel of Fortune”: PRIZEPUZZLES.
91A Actress Ana of “Love, Victor”: ORTIZ.
93A Bistro sign word: CHEZ. Also a lounge sign word.
101A “Which Disney Princess Are You?” and the like: BUZZFEEDQUIZZES.
107A Eye shade: HAZEL. Like my wife‘s eyes.
113A Conflagration: BLAZE.
116A Popeye creator Segar: ELZIE.
2D Côte d’_: AZUR. Calah read A Year in Provence to me.
3D Nickname for Isabelle or Isidore: IZZY. Awful clue. Really, really bad.
4D Fashion designer Lange: LIZ.
7D Rattles: FAZES.
8D Opposite of flatness: FIZZ. FizzBuzz, am I right? Some of you know what I’m talking about.
12D Many a collaboration between Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald: JAZZDUET.
14D Spanish composer Isaac: ALBENIZ.
30D Nintendo princess: ZELDA.
31D Order of roses: DOZEN.
34D Kilt-wearing Greek infantryman: EVZONE.
37D Chain that sells chains: ZALES.
39D Levels: RAZES.
40D Old fogy: GEEZER.
43D Partner of glamour: GLITZ.
46D _ garden: ZEN.
47D When repeated, one of the Gabor sisters: ZSA.
50D Mercedes-_: BENZ.
54D Stupor: DAZE.
57D Pac-Man navigates through one: MAZE.
58D Wood-shaping tool: ADZ.
61D Six-Day War leader Weizman: EZER.
63D Unsightly spot: ZIT.
65D Counterfeit: ERSATZ.
67D Having some pep: ZINGY.
73D Nervous state: TIZZY.
75D Football sideline reporter Kolber: SUZY.
76D Brand of pretzels and chips: UTZ.
81D Pointy-eared dog: SPITZ.
82D Big name in car parts: AUTOZONE. Get in the zone.
87D Victoria Falls river: ZAMBEZI.
99D Pound and others: EZRAS.
100D Worshiper of the rain god Tlaloc: AZTEC.
104D Eleven, en français: ONZE.
109D Country music’s _ Brown Band: ZAC.

111A Quick nap … or a playful description of the 64-Down here: FORTYWINKS.
64D Sleep indicators: ZEES.

In case you’re wondering, I showed my coworker how to delete an item from watch history so no recommendations would be made from having gotten to the end of every episode of Age Gap Love.

Finished this one in 49:47.

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