NYT Spelling Bee 10-4-21 final

The Jewish holidays are over for now, so I’m back with the Spelling Bee. Woohoo! It’s been threating rain today in LA, and as of 3:30pm, it hasn’t rained in my part of town. Maybe by the end of the day we’ll have gotten the thunderstorms the government promised. Slight chance or no slight chance.

Yesterday I missed OPIOID, RIGID, RIGOR, and YOGI.

Meatier Misses

DIPPY: Stupid; foolish.
PIROGI: (Plural of pirog) Russian meat pies.

Somehow PIROG was not a word in the list, so I’m guessing it was a dumb spelling of pierogi. Now I’m in the mood for pierogi. I will make them for dinner. Well, I’ll heat them up. I got them from Costco.

PRIG: A self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others.

Today’s summary

Letters: IACDEMY
Final score: 35 words for 148 points.
Genius minimum: 137 points.
First word: ACADEMIC.

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