NYT Crossword Puzzle 10-6-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 66A Battery ends: ANODES because it’s ends only because it’s multiple, but it’s not both ends of a single battery. The other end of a single battery is a cathode. Individual batteries have both; however, groups of batteries have many anodes.

Scrunched theme!

16A Good advice during an emergency: KEEPACOOLHEAD -> KEEPA[COO]LHEAD.
29A Geezers and fogies: OLDCOOTS -> OLD[COO]TS.
49A Brand with a snow-covered mountain on its label: COORSLIGHT -> [COO]RSLIGHT. And the mountains turn blue when the beer is as cold as the Rockies!
56A Doing dinner and a movie at home, say: COCOONING -> CO[COO]NING.
10D “How are plans coming along?”: WHATSCOOKING -> WHATS[COO]KING.
14D Slid over a bit: SCOOCHED -> S[COO]CHED.
23D Rockefeller or Getty: OILTYCOON -> OILTY[COO]N.
27D TV monster’s catchphrase: MEWANTCOOKIE -> MEWANTC[COO]KIE.

I love it!

63A Typecasts, in a way … or a hint to four squares in this puzzle: PIGEONHOLES.

Finished this one in 23:08.

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