NYT Spelling Bee 10-12-21 final

By the time this post goes out, we’ll know the result of the Dodgers-Giants game. I really want the Dodgers to win. It’s hard for me to revel in the World Series win last year because the season was trash. It was abbreviated, players sat out, and Rob Manfred was being a terrible commissioner at every turn. That last one hasn’t changed, but this year was tremendous. And finishing one game back of the Giants kinda shows why the games early in the season DO count. The Giants were 16-10 in September, and the Dodgers were 16-11.


Meatier Miss

CALORIFIC: Relating to the amount of energy contained in food or fuel. I had been unfamiliar with this word. It’s a stupid word. Hate it.

Today’s summary

Letters: CDEHIPT
Final score: 33 words for 172 points.
Genius minimum: 165 points.
First word: PITCHED.
Last word: DETECTED.
Pangram: PITCHED.

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