NYT Crossword Puzzle 10-14-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 19A Unusual time to start a vacation: MIDWEEK because that’s what makes it the best time to start a vacation. Flights are cheaper, traffic is less cumbersome, hotels are looking for warm bodies. And you get the weekend after you’ve gotten over the jetlag.

Theme! And as a prominent podcast host asked my wife at the Magic Castle last night while I was wearing my has-Matt suit with two Giant Microbes plush COVID-19s pinned to me, “Has [your husband] ever been in the punlympic games?” this was one that I appreciated, even if some answers were strained or tired.

16A “My allergies are really acting up!”: BLOODYNOSE.
23A “That third strike cost us the game!”: FREAKINGOUT. Such a prescient clue! It’s like the umpires in tonight’s Dodger game did the crossword and were like, “We like Will Shortz more than we like the San Francisco Giants,” which is an understandable conclusion because no matter how terrible Will Shortz is–and it is a lot–the Giants always are worse. So enjoy your extended offseason lolz.
36A “I keep losing things in the dryer!”: DARNSOCKS.
56A “My iPhone never works!”: ROTTENAPPLE.
61A “This bug spray is useless!”: BLASTEDOFF.

Finished this one in 12:21.

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