NYT Crossword Puzzle 10-31-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 14D Uttered a sound: SAIDBOO because it’s Halloween. There’s very little in this puzzle that acknowledges that, even though it’s the obvious theme for today. Yes, I’m aware that there was a Halloween-themed puzzle the other day, but why not make it a Sunday crossword, since Halloween is on Sunday this year?

Given the opportunity to have a Halloween-themed puzzle for a Sunday Halloween, the actual theme was kinda garbage.

The title of the puzzle is Choice Words. That ultimately meant that the words on either side of OR next to each theme answer were also crammed into the multi-letter box. I’m glad I didn’t do this one on paper because seriously what the hell.

23A Haphazard: HITORMISS.
21A Noted Apple release of 1968, to fans: THEWHITEALBUM -> THEW[HITmiss]EALBUM.
4D Negligent: REMISS -> RE[hitMISS].

43A Desperate: DOORDIE.
45A Traditional British entree: LIVERANDONIONS -> LIVERAN[DOdie]NIONS.
35D Least messy: TIDIEST -> TI[doDIE]ST.

70A Approximately: MOREORLESS.
68A Noted U.S. rock group?: MOUNTRUSHMORE -> MOUNTRUSH[MOREless].
64D Consecrates: BLESSES -> B[moreLESS]ES.

96A “You game?”: INOROUT.
90A Military dismissal: MARCHINGORDGERS -> MARCH[INout]GORDERS.
79D Berate blisteringly: SHOUTAT -> SH[inOUT]AT.

116A Regardless of the outcome: WINORLOSE.
118A Hectic trip abroad: WHIRLWINDTOUR -> WHIRL[WINlose]DTOUR.
114D Places hangers hang: CLOSETS -> C[winLOSE]TS.

Finished this one in 38:25.

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