NYT Spelling Bee 11-2-21 final

We are now the proud owners of some floating shelves that Calah‘s dad made for her that she had in her childhood bedroom. The problem is that they’re massive, and we have nowhere to put them. I had suggested turning the approximately 30″ x 96″ rectangle into a 96″ x 30″ standing bookcase. Still, nowhere to put it. So I threw some legs on it to see how it would look as a credenza. When Calah got home, she approved. So the shelves-to-credenza conversion will be in the weekly woodworking blog. Get pumped.

Yesterday I missed ACIDIC, ANTACID (I guess I don’t need the latter if I missed the former), CANDID, CANID, NADA, and NAIAD.

Meatier Misses

CONDONATION: Noun form of condoning.
DIATONIC: (of a scale, interval, etc.) involving only notes proper to the prevailing key without chromatic alteration.
INDICIA: Signs, indications, or distinguishing marks.

Today’s summary

Letters: CABEHLK
Final score: 29 words for 143 points.
Genius minimum: 138 points.
First word: CHALLAH.
Final word: CALLA.

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