NYT Crossword Puzzle 11-18-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 65A Not claim, say: WAIVE because it reminds me of when I worked in financial statement audit. We would encounter variances between what we expected and what appeared in the books. If the variance was below what anyone would care about, we marked it with an m for immaterial, and we would use w to indicate that we were waiving on recommending that the client correct the error. I do not miss that life.

The theme for today was decent.

16A → Di ← Gaga Godiva: FIRSTLADY. Before those words, you put LADY, and you’ve got Lady Di and Lady Gaga.
24A R.p.m. → m.p.h. ← k.p.s.: SECONDRATE. Compared to the RPM and KPS, MPH is the second rate, given the arrows.
36A Art → Calculus ← Spanish: MIDDLECLASS. Calculus is the one in the middle of those two. Also clearly there will be five of these if No. 3 is the middle. I would have preferred Statistics as the middle class because there is a lot of middle about stats.
52A Housewarming masquerade → tailgate ←: THIRDPARTY. I guess the answer is the third item in the list because it’s blank?
62A Ha-ha chortle → tee-hee ←: LASTLAUGH. Same reason as the above. Kinda quitting early and making us come up with something to round it out.

Finished this one in 14:23.

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