NYT Crossword Puzzle 11-19-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 2D “Too _ Handle” (Netflix reality show): HOTTO because Calah and I have watched the version in English and the Latino and Brazil ones. While I am a proponent of watching the subtitled versions of things in foreign languages in order to preserve the feeling of the dialogue (dialog?), I strongly recommend the dubbed versions of these shows. Dubbed is way better for these for the exact reason it’s terrible for everything else! The trashiness of the program is made more comical with the stiff dub voiceover and inconsistent translations between the dub and the subtitles. It’s an enhancement for sure.

No theme for today’s Friday puzzle. Just some long answers:

1A Phrase popularized by Long John Silver of “Treasure Island”: SHIVERMETIMBERS.
16A It’s “on a dark desert highway,” in song: HOTELCALIFORNIA.
17A Ways in which different cultures interact: ETHNICRELATIONS.
55A “Don’t sweat the naysayers”: HATERSGONNAHATE.
58A Opening statement of an appeal?: INEEDAHUGEFAVOR.
59A Digs near a flower bed, say: GARDENAPARTMENT.

Finished this one in 14:59.

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