NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-12-21 Job Sharing Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 109A Person with lots to show: REALTOR for two reasons. First reason is that I don’t know why some people say realitor instead of realtor. It’s always as jarring as it is wrong. The second reason is that the National Association of Realtors is the biggest lobbying spender. TheHill reported in January that the NAR spent $84 million on lobbying for the top spot, edging out the US Chamber of Commerce, which spent only $82 million. Now tell me how you feel about the $72.6 million the next three spent: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ($26m), The American Hospital Association ($23.6m), and Blue Cross/Blue Shield ($22.6m). I haven’t looked much into this, but these numbers can’t possibly be anywhere close to the amount these groups spend on politicians. Of course, insurance premiums are going up in 2022.

The title of this puzzle is Job Sharing.

23A Side hustle for a hairstylist?: LOCKSMITH. Because hairstylists deal with locks of hair. I have a haircut set for Thursday morning. I’m at the point where my hair is all over the place, and if I don’t get a haircut soon, it’s bad. Hooray for foresight that I have one scheduled for when I need it!
34A Side hustle for a veterinarian?: LABSPECIALIST. Because vets treat Labradors.

50A Side hustle for a therapist?: BAGGAGEHANDLERS. Because sometimes you need that help carrying everything.
67A Side hustle for an anesthesiologist?: OUTPATIENTCOORDINATOR. Kinda annoyed at this one because it’s in a related field.

87A Side hustle for a carpenter?: NAILTECHNICIAN. Manicures are important for some, but speed squares are important for everyone. Even if they don’t know how it affects their lives. It’s an important tool.

101A Side hustle for a marriage counselor?: CIVILENGINEER. Is there really a thing as a civil marriage anyway lolololol. I’m gonna get in trouble for that one.
118A Side hustle for a drill instructor?: BASECOACH. Don’t miss a sign. Ever.

Finished this one in 45:41.

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