NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-13-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 37A Figure skater Harding: TONYA because I spent a while trying to figure out where I’d gone wrong. I’d spelled the name Tanya, but clearly that was incorrect. I found it by way of 26D Gait for a horse with a buggy: TROT, which clearly isn’t TRAT.


17A Grand Central, for one: RAILROADSTATION. If we’re talking about Grand Central Terminal and not Grand Central Station.
29A Event of October 1929: MARKETCRASH. Appropriately numbered 29.
49A Pastry with a swirl: CINNAMONBUN. That reminds me that I still don’t know why Saul Goodman works at Cinnabon. I think I’ll find out in the next season of Better Call Saul? No spoilers, plz.

65A Fire safety technique … or 17-, 29- and 49-Across together: STOPDROPANDROLL. Station->Stop; Crash->Drop; Bun -> Roll.

Finished this one in 5:03.

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