NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-19-21 Season to Taste Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 58A “The One I Love” band: REM because I haven’t listened to REM in a while, and that streak needs to end. And on the topic of streaks, my NYTXW streak is now at 82 and not at 1. But since I finished late, the dumb system is giving me a one-day streak. You’ll see tomorrow that it’s back on track.

The title of this puzzle is Season to Taste.

23A Little tyke / Flatter, with “up”: PEANUT🔔BUTTER.
6D It was eliminated from the U.S. in 2004: RU🔔A -> RUBELLA.
33A Relative of a tee-hee / Bit of marginalia: SNICKER🤍DOODLE.
36D Genuine: 🤍FELT -> HEARTFELT.
43A Pep / Onesie feature: GINGER🎄SNAP.
40D Some graffiti: S🎄TART -> STREETART.
52A Ring / Hold, as inhabitants: TOLL💸HOUSE.
48D Citrus hybrid: T💸O -> TANGELO.
69A Reduce in volume / As new: THIN⭐MINT.
58D Where to go on a trip?: RE⭐EA -> RESTAREA.
85A Kind of leaf / Scientist born on Christmas Day in 1642: FIG🧝‍♂️NEWTON.
56D Personal essence: TRUES🧝‍♂️ -> TRUESELF.
93A Possible result of getting one’s wires crossed / Moolah: SHORT🏑BREAD.
102A Breakfast dish / Fruitcake tidbit: OATMEAL🕺RAISIN.
88D More than enough: TOO🕺Y -> TOOMANY.

116A This puzzle’s images, in two different ways: COOKIECUTTER. Because the shapes are cookie cutters, and the shapes cut the cookies in half.

Finished this one in 31:26.

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