NYT Crossword Puzzle 12-23-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 47D Start of an English auto name: ASTON because Calah and I have been watching the Bond series in order, including the non-canon ones. Aston Martin features prominently in the Bond movies. We are now on Diamonds are Forever.


17A Reef deposit hung on the holiday tree?: ACHRISTMASCORAL. It’s A Christmas Carol but with coral.
31A Noble gas you can’t live without?: VITALARGON. It’s a vital organ but argon gas. Hellooooo tig welding.
41A Starbucks order for a man’s man?: CAFFEMACHO. Caffe Mocha but stronger. I like caffe mochas because they don’t taste like coffee but have caffeine. Also lots of sugar.
59A Buys tickets for a couple of friends for a Polynesian getaway?: TAKESTWOTOTONGA. I miss traveling.

Finished this one in 19:05.

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