NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-1-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 32A Line just before a comma: ZXCVBNM because I didn’t understand what the hell this meant. Then I figured it out. As I was typing it. Because it’s the bottom row of the keyboard. So dumb. I feel like it’s so bad that I should like it, but the thing that bothers me with the clue is it’s a comma, not just comma. I don’t know how else I’d phrase it, but I definitely hate it more than I love it.

Also 45A Coin featuring Lady Liberty and a bald eagle: PEACEDOLLAR. But that’s soooooooooooooo many US coins. No big deal or anything, but I’m a life member of the American Numismatic Association (hooray for never getting a renewal notice!), and I worked in rare coins for a bit. Yeah, the Peace Dollar is a pretty coin, but it replaced the Morgan Dollar, which has Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. What I’m saying is that Will Shortz is an idiot. What a reminder to have a the beginning of a new year.

No theme on this Saturday.

Happy new year, all!

Finished this one in 38:23.

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