NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-2-22 Color Mixing Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 41D Wood in some incense: CEDAR because I’m in the process of making a cedar planter for Calah. She has been talking about a planter for a while because her succulents are individually potted, and planters are better. I picked up some cedar from House of Hardwood the other day, along with a bunch of other wood for projects. Some say that cedar planters need a liner. Others say cedar planters do not need a liner. If it needs a liner, I have to buy more wood. If it doesn’t, I can finish it tomorrow.

The title of this puzzle is Color Mixing. It’s an anagrams theme.

21A CERISE + LAVENDER = certain baby animals: REINDEERCALVES.
32A CORAL + GOLD = pet store purchase: DOGCOLLAR.
46A AMBER + GREEN = imported brew: GERMANBEER.
52A PEAR + CRIMSON = fighting group: MARINECORPS.
60A LIME + MAGENTA = visualization: MENTALIMAGE.
74A RUST + SCARLET = celestial group: STARCLUSTER.
83A CREAM + PEACH = nonviolent protest: PEACEMARCH.
94A TEAL + OCHER = breakfast option: HOTCEREAL.
107A MAUVE + TANGERINE = restaurant handout: VEGETARIANMENU.

Finished this one in 38:40.

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