NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-8-22 Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 20A Longtime distributor of James Bond movies: MGM because I had initially put in EON, but that wasn’t working. Calah and I have been watching the series from the start and are on Quantum of Solace now. We’ve seen them go through United Artists and MGM and Columbia. Desmond Llewelyn is sorely missed. But Daniel Craig as James Bond has way more chill than Pierce Brosnan did as James bond.

No theme for this Saturday puzzle, but there are some crazy long answers.

1A Number pattern named after a 17th-century French mathematician: PASCALSTRIANGLE.
16A Teddies and such: INTIMATEAPPAREL.
17A Exhausted beyond belief: TOOTIREDTOTHINK.
52A Do some modeling: SETAGOODEXAMPLE.
55A “Life is short. _” (Jacques Torres quip): EATDESSERTFIRST.
56A Captain’s phrase: STEADYASSHEGOES.

Finished this one in 49:11.

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