NYT Crossword Puzzle 1-9-22 Food for Thought Complete (contains spoilers)

I pulled out 21A Hurting more: ACHIER because that’s how I’ve been the last couple days. I’ve been in the process of making a planter for Calah for her succulents, and I’ve been slaving away at the table saw. The table saw probably is a bit too low. Then yesterday I did a lot of cleanup around our home, which meant moving things from place to place and bending over and squatting down and stuff. Ugh. The soreness hasn’t stopped.

The title of this puzzle is Food for Thought.

24A Carmen McRae or Anita O’Day, notably: JAZZVOCALISTS -> (J)(A)(Z)(Z)VOCALISTS.
32A Endpoint of a Shinto pilgrimage: MOUNTFUJI -> MOUNT(F)(U)(J)(I).
69A Birthplace of five U.S. presidents, with “the”: EMPIRESTATE -> (E)(M)(P)(I)(R)(E)STATE.
85A Start of some conventional wisdom: WHENINROME -> WHENIN(R)(O)(M)(E).

98D Who was famously hit over the head with inspiration?: NEWTON.
116A Scientific contribution from 98-Down, discovered in a manner suggested by this puzzle’s theme: LAWOFGRAVITY. The story goes that Newton was hit by a falling apple and was like, ‘Whoa. Gravity.” Jazz apples, Fuji apples, Empire apples, Rome apples. How ’bout dem?

Finished this one in 36:21.

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