Wordle 1-19-22 (contains spoilers)

Got it in 3!

I’m annoyed that my stats reset. My phone has been really bad as of late, and I reset it to factory settings on Tuesday with idea of restoring from backup. The stats did not carry over.

Also I had difficulty getting help from Google with two factor authorization.

You’re connected with agent Kimmy

Hi Kimmy!
Me – 9:59 AM

Thank you for being a Google One member. My name is Kimmy in case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, please take not of the following IDX-XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Kimmy – 9:59 AM

My Pixel 3 has been all janky, so I decided to reset it today and restore from backup.
The 2FA I could have had any chance of using is tied to my phone
that I just reset
How can I verify with you that I am who I am so I can get back into my phone?
I imagine that the method that takes many days requires me to cut off my finger and send it to you so you can make sure that the print matches
but I’d rather not do that because people who want to hire me for magic shows get a better experience if I have all my digits.
you still there?
halp plz

Me – from 9:59 AM to 10:15 AM

I ended up getting back into my phone. Still waiting on Kimmy.

Happy to start the reset by finishing in three, though!

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