Day 7 of the EVFM short squeeze (post-close post)

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Today marked Day 1 of the 10 consecutive days to regain compliance with Nasdaq’s listing requirements of closing at or above $1.

In the last two minutes of trading, 747,907 shares moved. Despite the downward pressure, it looked unlikely for Evofem to close below $1 today. I did not expect the stock price to dip to $1.06 with two seconds left–with trades at 3:59:58 ET totaling 138,305–and then close at $1.10 when someone bought a 35,748-share chunk. But I’ll take it!

I looked at twitter today and saw people who were gaining interest in Evofem. I agree with excitement about prospects for the company. And I have the view that the bears will not prevail in what I believe to be a concerted attempt to get this stock delisted. Which, as I said this morning, very well could be against the law.

I also saw a headline when googling $EVFM from Defense World: Evofem Biosciences (NASDAQ:EVFM) Share Price Passes Below 50 Day Moving Average of $1.32.

If you hadn’t heard of Defense World, know that I just learned that they exist. Their About Us page says:

Launched in 2003, has grown into one of the most prominent defence and aerospace news portals in the world. Our focused reportage of defence procurement matters besides the coverage of exhibitions and conferences in the defence sector has attracted and retained readers which include procurement officials, industry executives and other key elements of the defence industry chain.

So why would this site be writing at about Evofem Biosciences at all? Why a headline that sounds scary? Why can’t they choose between defense and defence?

We knew that the bears wouldn’t go quietly. And I found the headline to be misleading in giving the impression that Evofem is sinking when the stock is up 205% over the last month. Is this an indication of a short-and-distort push? I can’t imagine that that tactic–which is undoubtedly illegal–will really work, given that Evofem makes a non-hormonal birth control gel that’s FDA-approved and ready to go.

I will continue to look out for strangely placed, bad-news-if-you-don’t-know-better pieces about Evofem. I still maintain that what I see as an effort to destroy Evofem is a sign of confidence by the bears that it’s a real threat to break through.

Someone on twitter said something to the effect of smashing $1.20 would ignite the short squeeze. I’m not sure that that’s the number. I just hope that any short squeeze of EVFM results in a long future of self-determination for the company.

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