Day 7 of the EVFM Short Squeeze (pre-market post)

Disclaimer: None of this is investment advice. The logic here may be bad and should not be relied upon. My assumptions may be bad and should not be relied upon. This post reflects my opinion. I may hold positions in securities I write about, and I believe in what I write.

I am nervous about EVFM becoming the darling of people who get jittery easily. I believe that Evofem Biosciences is an important company that makes a product that can benefit this world.

Recently I saw a video that I think missed the point entirely:

I think it’s obvious that the jump in the price is due to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. And that it’s not just delisting that is a reason that it’s hovering around $1, it’s that delisting could bankrupt the company–unfairly, in my opinion. I worry that people who simply watch this video think that there’s randomness where I think it’s by design where the short sellers/bears want to sink the company while the bears–this writer included–want it to succeed.

At this moment, it’s 12:43am in Los Angeles on July 5, 2022. The booms made by illegal fireworks from Independence Day celebrations are interrupted by still silence. But only briefly.

The market has been closed since July 1.

Google finance still shows EVFM at $0.91 at close with $0.92 as the after-hours price.

That will change at 1am.

My fear is that the public will rush into EVFM with the hopes of making a quick buck and will then sell all at once and depress the price. Right now there’s a weird balance between the bears and bulls. Of course I believe that the bears are acting in a way that violates 15 U.S.C. 78i (d)Transactions relating to short sales of securities in addition to other things, but the bears and bulls are predictable. People new to Evofem could be wildcards who push the stock price high and then leave in a moment. I don’t blame anyone for an investment strategy done earnestly. I just care for the company I’ve held in my portfolio since May of 2021.

We’ll see what Tuesday has in store for us.

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