Day 10 of the EVFM Short Squeeze (early morning post)

Disclaimer: None of this is investment advice. The logic here may be bad and should not be relied upon. My assumptions may be bad and should not be relied upon. This post reflects my opinion. I may hold positions in securities I write about, and I believe in what I write.

As I predicted early in the morning, there is a massive downward push early.

I see this as a continuing sign of running scared.

And it’s cheaper for bears to try to convince those who are uncertain of Evofem’s ability to survive than to borrow on their own and short.

But I don’t see this trend continuing through the end of the day.

Now, all that matters to me is that at the end of the day, the stock price is at or above $1. If that happens today, it’ll be day 4 of the 10 consecutive needed to get Evofem back in compliance with the Nasdaq pricing rules.

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