The New Yorker Cartoon 2-17-23 Explained


The cartoon:

These are two people who are talking in an airport lounge. They say to one another, “I’m leaving you for the Bing chatbot.”

What this means:

After spending untold hours together waiting for their flights, they have contacted the airline that has delayed their trips. Neither can stand the other, so chatting with the “agent” from the airline is a far better use time. These two people were brought together by inconvenience, and in an airport, that isn’t always enough to make a distressed stranger nearby tolerable. The picture frames behind them make the place even less welcoming, as the operators of the lounge did not even bother to swap out the stock portraits with the normal, inoffensive waiting room landscapes.

Ultimately they come to the mutual conclusion that talking to the airline chatbot powered by Bing is the top priority.

They part ways and head for their respective gates and likely never meet again.

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