hello wordl 4-3-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in four. It’s my first finish in four in three days. The last time I got a four was Friday, March 31.

Happy Monday, Wordle fans! Today’s puzzle was a bit of a challenge, but I still managed to solve it in just four guesses. The word was “CROWD,” and I was determined to crack the code.

For my first guess, I went with “GRIFT,” and while I only got one letter right, it was in the right place. That gave me some confidence that I was on the right track.

With my second guess, I tried “PROUD,” which had three letters in the right place, including the R, O, and D. But there was still some work to do, so I kept guessing.

My third attempt was “BROAD,” but unfortunately, it wasn’t any closer to the right answer than my previous guess. But I didn’t give up.

And finally, on my fourth and final guess, I hit the mark with “CROWD.” All five letters were in the right place, and I felt a rush of excitement and satisfaction.

Monday mornings can be tough, but there’s nothing like a good Wordle game to get the brain working and start the week off on the right foot. Even if you don’t solve the puzzle in just a few guesses, the process of elimination and deduction is still a great exercise for the mind.

I’m excited to see what other words and challenges await me this week. Will I solve a puzzle in just two guesses? Will I struggle with a particularly difficult word? Who knows, but I’m ready for anything.

So, keep on guessing, Wordle fans, and remember to have fun, challenge yourself, and never give up until you crack the code.


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