hello wordl 4-11-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in four. It’s my second finish in four in a row. The last time I got a four was Monday, April 10.


Hello, fellow Wordle enthusiasts! It’s another day of word-guessing fun, and I’m excited to share my latest solve with you all. On Tuesday, April 11th, the word to crack was PIETY, and it took me four guesses to figure it out.

My first guess was GRIFT, which only yielded the I and T, but in the wrong places. Undeterred, I tried a different approach with my second guess, INTEL, hoping to leverage the E, but alas, all three letters were still misplaced.

On my third guess, I went with DIETS, even though I had a feeling that ending with an S wasn’t the answer. Nevertheless, it did provide some progress, with the I, E, and T in the right places. Feeling closer, I went for it on my fourth guess with PIETY, and to my delight, it was the correct answer!

Interestingly, this was my second solve in exactly four guesses in a row. It’s always fascinating to see patterns emerge in Wordle and to adjust my strategy accordingly. It’s a constant challenge to improve my skills and push myself to crack the code with as few guesses as possible.

How about you? Have you ever noticed any patterns or trends in your Wordle solving journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s keep honing our word-guessing skills and mastering the art of cracking the Wordle puzzle!


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