hello wordl 4-13-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my first finish in five in nine days (again!). The last time I got a five was Tuesday, April 4.


Hello, Wordle enthusiasts! It’s time to share my Wordle journey for Thursday, April 13th. The word that had me scratching my head this time was DEPOT, and it took me five guesses to crack the code.

My first guess was GRIFT, and I was encouraged to find that the letter T was in the right place. However, my next guess of CHANT didn’t yield any helpful clues. Undeterred, I tried MOULT for my third guess, and while I learned that there was an O in the word, it wasn’t in the right place.

For my fourth guess, I tried BESOT, and this time, I was thrilled to see that the letters E, O, and T were in the right places. Armed with this information, I made an educated guess on my fifth attempt, and voila! The word was DEPOT, and it was a perfect fit.

On the topic of DEPOT, I couldn’t help but reflect on how it’s sometimes puzzling how certain businesses, like Office Depot, manage to stay afloat in today’s competitive world. I’ve seen a FOR LEASE sign while driving by a location, but I don’t know if it’s for something else in that multi-tentant building. Nevertheless, let’s remain optimistic and appreciate the uniqueness and value that different businesses bring to our communities. After all, diversity in the business world is what makes it so interesting and dynamic.

Have you ever had a similar experience where you struggled with guessing the word but eventually cracked the code? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Let’s continue enjoying the challenge and excitement of Wordle as we sharpen our guessing skills. Happy Wordling!


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