hello wordl 4-17-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my first finish in five in four days. The last time I got a five was Thursday, April 13.


Hello, fellow Wordle enthusiasts! It’s time for another update on my Wordle journey. On Monday, April 17th, I took on the challenge with the word “BREAK” and triumphantly solved it in five guesses. It was my first solve in exactly five guesses in four days, and I couldn’t wait to share the details with you all!

As usual, I started with my go-to guess of “GRIFT,” hoping that one day it will be the correct answer right off the bat. This time, I got a clue with the letter “R” in the right place, which gave me a good starting point. I moved on to my second guess of “DROWN,” but unfortunately, it didn’t provide any helpful hints.

Undeterred, I made my third guess as “CRUSH,” but it didn’t yield any new information either. However, I kept my spirits up and persisted with my fourth guess as “BRAKE.” This word was a clever combination of a homophone and anagram, with “B,” “R” in the right places, and “A,” “E,” “K” in the wrong places. It was a significant clue that helped me narrow down the possibilities.

Finally, on my fifth and final guess, I entered “BREAK,” and to my delight, it was the correct answer! It was a satisfying moment of victory, as I unlocked the hidden word with just five guesses. This success brought my average for 2023 to just under 4.04 guesses, and I was thrilled with my progress.

Wordle continues to challenge and entertain me with its clever wordplay and strategic guessing. It’s a game that requires keen observation, logical deduction, and a bit of luck. Each solve is a unique experience, and every victory is a source of satisfaction and accomplishment.

As I continue my Wordle journey, I’m constantly learning and improving my skills. I’m also grateful for the supportive community of fellow Wordle enthusiasts who share tips, tricks, and insights, making the game even more enjoyable. It’s a game that keeps me engaged, entertained, and eager for the next challenge.

So, fellow Wordle fans, keep guessing, keep improving, and keep celebrating your victories, no matter how many guesses it takes. Happy Wordling, and may the words be ever in your favor!


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