hello wordl 4-21-23 (contains spoilers)

First finish in two since Thursday, March 16. That’s 36 days between twos. The prior gap dated back to Wednesday, February 1, or 43 days between finishes in two.


I’m happy to report that I solved today’s Wordle puzzle in just two guesses! My first guess was GRIFT, which gave me some good information – the R and T were in the right positions, but the I was in the wrong position. Armed with this knowledge, I made my second guess: TRAIT. And I was right!

This marks my ninth solve of the year in exactly two guesses. I always feel pretty proud of myself when I can get a Wordle solve in two guesses, because it means I’m making good use of the information that the puzzle is giving me. The last time I managed to get a solve in exactly two guesses was on March 16, which is the anniversary of my engagement. Today is 36 days since then, so it’s been a little while!

It’s interesting to me how these little daily puzzles can become such a fun and satisfying part of my routine. I look forward to seeing what each day’s puzzle will be, and trying to figure it out as quickly as possible. I also appreciate that the creator of the puzzle mixes things up – some days the words seem to have a theme or a certain vibe to them, and other days they’re totally random. It keeps things interesting!

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about my Wordle skills today. Here’s hoping I can keep up the streak of quick solves!


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