hello wordl 5-7-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my third finish in five in a row. The last time I got a five was Saturday, May 6.


Welcome back to the Wordle blog, where we share our daily struggles and triumphs in solving the popular online word-guessing game. Today, May 7, the word of the day was “CHECK,” and I’m excited to share with you how I managed to solve it.

I started off with my usual guessing strategy, throwing out some common five-letter words that I hoped would give me a good starting point. Unfortunately, my first guess of “GRIFT” didn’t have any useful letters, and my second guess of “BLOWN” was just as unhelpful.

On my third guess, I tried “CHUMP,” which gave me a little bit of hope. The “C” and “H” were in the right places, which meant I was on the right track. However, the other letters were completely wrong, so I needed to keep trying.

My fourth guess was “CHEEK,” which had even more correct letters than “CHUMP.” The “C,” “H,” “E,” and “K” were all in the right positions, leaving me with just one letter to figure out.

For my fifth and final guess, I went with “CHECK,” and to my relief, it was the correct answer! I felt a rush of excitement as the green check mark appeared on the screen, indicating that I had successfully solved the puzzle.

Overall, it took me five guesses to get the word “CHECK” in the Wordle game, and I’m happy with my progress. It’s always a satisfying feeling to crack the code and figure out the word of the day. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting update on our daily Wordle journey!


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