hello wordl 5-13-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my first finish in five in three days. The last time I solved the puzzle in five guesses was Wednesday, May 10.


Welcome back to my Wordle blog, where I share my experiences with the popular online word-guessing game. Today, we’ll be discussing the game from Saturday, May 13th, where the word to be guessed was “PLUMP.”

This time around, it took me five guesses to solve the puzzle. My first guess was “GRIFT,” but none of the letters in that word were present in the target word. My second guess was “BLOWN,” which had the letter “L” in the correct position but no other useful letters.

For my third guess, I tried “CLASS,” but it didn’t provide any helpful letters. For my fourth guess, I attempted “PLUME” to avoid duplicating letters, but only the final letter was incorrect. Finally, on my fifth and last guess, I got it right with “PLUMP.”

It’s always interesting to see how different strategies can lead to different results when playing Wordle. In this case, avoiding duplicate letters with my fourth guess may have cost me an additional attempt. But ultimately, it all worked out in the end, and I was able to crack the code and guess the correct word.

I’ll be sure to keep trying different approaches and see what works best for me. Stay tuned for my next Wordle post, where I’ll share my experience from another game.


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