hello wordl 5-14-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in four. It’s my first finish in foureddr in seven days. The last time I solved a puzzle in four attempts was Thursday, May 11.


Welcome back to the Wordle blog, where we discuss our daily successes and struggles with the popular online word-guessing game. Today, on Sunday May 13th, we will be discussing the word “GROVE,” and how I managed to solve it in just four guesses.

As usual, I started off my guessing with “GRIFT,” which gave me two letters – G and R – in the correct positions. This was a good start, and it gave me some clues to work with. For my second guess, I tried “GREED,” which added an E to the mix, but it was in the wrong position.

Moving on to my third guess, I tried “GRAPE,” which placed the E in the right spot. This gave me three letters – G, R, and E – in their correct positions, and I had a good feeling about where this was headed.

For my fourth and final guess, I tried “GROVE,” and to my delight, it was correct! I had successfully solved the puzzle in just four guesses, which is certainly better than my average so far this month.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time “GROVE” has been the answer to the Wordle puzzle. In fact, it’s been a recurring word, which is something to keep in mind when guessing in future rounds.

Thanks for joining me today for another Wordle blog post. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our next installment, and keep on guessing!


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