hello wordl 5-17-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my first finish in five in two days. The last time I solved the puzzle in five guesses was Monday, May 15.


Greetings, fellow Wordle enthusiasts! Today’s puzzle brought some tricky twists and turns, but I managed to crack the code in five exhilarating guesses. The word we were hunting for was “VENUE,” and it kept me on my toes until the very end.

My Wordle journey began with the guess “GRIFT,” but unfortunately, it didn’t yield any correct letters. Sometimes, we have to start with a clean slate and let the puzzle unravel itself step by step.

With determination in my heart, I ventured into my second guess, “BLOWN,” and lo and behold, a glimmer of hope appeared! The letter “N” revealed itself, but alas, it was in the wrong place. Progress, nonetheless.

Undeterred by the challenge, I forged ahead and chose “SNAKE” as my third guess. This time, the puzzle rewarded me with the letter “E” in the right position, while the elusive “N” still eluded me. The game was afoot!

As I approached my fourth guess, I decided to try my luck with “DUNCE.” And oh, what a revelation! The letters “N” and “E” fell perfectly into place, and a new character emerged— the letter “U.” However, it stubbornly refused to be where I wanted it to be. So close, yet not quite there.

With one final shot at victory, I summoned my word-guessing prowess and confidently entered “VENUE” as my fifth and final guess. And wouldn’t you know it? The Wordle gods smiled upon me as that glorious green checkmark appeared, indicating my triumph!

Solving this puzzle in five guesses was no easy feat, but the satisfaction of unraveling the secret word made it all worthwhile. Wordle is a game of persistence, patience, and a dash of luck. Each new challenge presents an opportunity to sharpen our minds and uncover the hidden gems.

As I reflect on my Wordle adventures this month, I’m reminded that every puzzle is a unique journey. Some require fewer guesses, while others put our skills to the test. Regardless, it’s the thrill of the chase and the joy of deciphering the word that keeps us coming back for more.

So, my fellow Wordle enthusiasts, let’s continue embracing the challenge, celebrating the victories, and reveling in the mysteries of language. Until next time, keep on guessing and may the letters align in your favor!


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