hello wordl 5-18-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in five. It’s my second finish in five in a row. The last time I solved the puzzle in five guesses was Wednesday, May 17.


Hello there, fellow Wordle enthusiasts! Today’s puzzle took us on an exciting word-hunting adventure, and I’m thrilled to share my triumph with you. In just five guesses, I managed to crack the code and reveal the secret word: “SEVER.”

As the clock ticked, I embarked on my Wordle quest with the first guess, “GRIFT.” It provided a valuable clue—the letter “R,” but unfortunately, it was not in the right place. Undeterred, I pressed on with determination.

With my second guess, “REACH,” a glimmer of hope appeared. The puzzle rewarded me with the letter “E,” snugly fitting in its proper position. However, the elusive “R” continued to elude me, hiding in the shadows of the unknown.

Refusing to be discouraged, I summoned my word-guessing prowess and offered “LEMUR” as my third guess. The puzzle whispered secrets to me, revealing that both the “E” and the “R” were in their rightful places. Progress was made, and victory was within reach.

Feeling the adrenaline rush through my veins, I set my sights on my fourth guess, “NEVER.” The pieces of the puzzle fell into place as the letters “E,” “V,” “E,” and “R” aligned perfectly, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the hidden word. The excitement was palpable, but the journey wasn’t over just yet.

With bated breath, I entered my fifth and final guess, “SEVER.” As the screen refreshed, a wave of satisfaction washed over me as the Wordle game confirmed my success. The word was indeed “SEVER,” and I had deciphered its mystery.

Solving this puzzle in five guesses was a true test of persistence and skill. It reminds us that in the realm of Wordle, patience and tenacity are key to unlocking the hidden treasures of language. Each guess brings us closer to victory, and every puzzle offers a chance to sharpen our linguistic prowess.

As I reflect on this month’s Wordle adventures, I’m reminded of the joy that comes from unraveling these wordy enigmas. Whether we crack the code in fewer guesses or face more challenging trials, it’s the thrill of the hunt and the triumph of discovery that keep us hooked.

So, my fellow Wordle enthusiasts, let’s embrace the challenge, celebrate our victories, and revel in the beauty of words. May the next puzzle bring us closer to linguistic triumphs and delightful surprises.

Until our paths cross again, keep guessing, keep exploring, and savor the journey of every Wordle puzzle.


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