hello wordl 5-31-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in three. It’s my first finish in three in three days. The last time I solved a puzzle in three guesses was Sunday, May 28.


Greetings, fellow Wordle enthusiasts! Today’s linguistic adventure proved to be both challenging and exhilarating as I delved into the realm of letters and cracked the code of the May 31 Wordle puzzle. In a commendable display of word-wielding prowess, I triumphed in just three strategic guesses, unlocking the secret word that lay hidden within the puzzle’s enigmatic veil.

As the puzzle unfolded before my eyes, I embarked on my journey armed with my first guess: “GRIFT.” The letters intermingled, and the puzzle graced me with the revelation of the letter “R.” Alas, the “R” did not take its rightful place among the puzzle’s enigmatic ensemble, serving as a tantalizing reminder of the work that lay ahead.

Undeterred by this initial setback, I summoned my linguistic fortitude and pressed forward, ready to conquer the Wordle challenge that lay before me. With careful consideration, I presented my second guess: “REACH.” The puzzle responded with a dance of letters, rewarding my efforts with a triumphant revelation—four of the five necessary letters were unveiled. However, the “R,” “E,” and “H” were still in the wrong places, while the letter “A” found its rightful spot.

Armed with newfound determination, I mustered my wit and summoned my wordplay expertise for the final stroke. With calculated precision, I submitted my third and decisive guess: “SHARE.” A moment of suspense hung in the air as the puzzle acknowledged my command. And lo and behold, the puzzle conceded, confirming that “SHARE” was indeed the correct answer!

Today’s Wordle puzzle took us on a whirlwind of linguistic twists and turns, ultimately leading to triumphant success in just three strategic guesses. It is a testament to the power of perseverance, the thrill of the unknown, and the joy of unraveling the hidden mysteries of language.

As we bid adieu to the Wordle challenge of May 31, I invite you to embrace the excitement and satisfaction that come with deciphering these linguistic enigmas. Let each puzzle be an opportunity to sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and revel in the joy of wordplay.

May your future Wordle endeavors be filled with thrilling challenges and triumphant victories. Unlock the secrets of language, dance with the letters, and bask in the glory of linguistic conquest.


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