hello wordl 6-3-23 (contains spoilers)

I finished this one in four. It’s my second finish in four in a row. The last time I solved a puzzle in four attempts was Friday, June 2.


Wordle enthusiasts, rejoice! Today’s puzzling adventure took us on a linguistic journey that tested our deduction skills and rewarded our persistence. Armed with the power of words, we embraced the challenge and emerged victorious, unveiling the elusive word concealed within the puzzle’s grasp.

As I embarked on this linguistic quest, my first guess was “GRIFT.” The puzzle responded with a glimmer of revelation, presenting the letter “R” in its rightful place. Encouraged by this progress, I pressed on, determined to unlock the remaining secrets hidden within the word’s enigmatic veil.

Drawing upon my lexicon of possibilities, my second guess was “CRUSH.” The puzzle acknowledged my effort and added another piece to the puzzle—a resounding “C” that found its place amidst the letters we had already discovered. With each guess, the word’s true nature became clearer, fueling my determination to unveil its entirety.

Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, my third guess was “CREAM.” The puzzle reacted with an encouraging dance of confirmation. The letters “C,” “R,” and “E” gracefully fell into their designated positions, bringing us ever closer to the ultimate revelation. The puzzle’s grip on the word began to loosen as we ventured deeper into the realms of linguistic triumph.

With my fourth and final guess, I submitted “CREEP.” A surge of excitement coursed through me as the puzzle conceded to our collective linguistic prowess. The word “CREEP” illuminated the board, symbolizing the culmination of our efforts, a testament to perseverance and the joy of unraveling the Wordle mysteries.

Each guess in this Wordle puzzle served as a crucial step, guiding us toward the solution. We traversed the landscape of words, carefully analyzing the hints bestowed upon us. Our collective efforts led to the triumphant unveiling of “CREEP,” showcasing the power of deduction, persistence, and a love for language.

Let us relish in the satisfaction that each Wordle puzzle brings, celebrating the intricacies of language and the joy of uncovering hidden words. With every triumph, we strengthen our linguistic prowess, honing our skills in the art of deduction.

As we continue on our Wordle adventures, may the thrill of discovery fuel our quest for linguistic triumph. May each puzzle be a reminder of the beauty and complexity of language, and may the joys of unraveling its mysteries bring us together in shared excitement.

Join me in embracing the Wordle challenge, embarking on a journey where every guess propels us closer to linguistic victory. Let the wonders of language ignite our curiosity, inspire our minds, and unite us in the pursuit of linguistic triumph!


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